The Human Tongue (Al- Lisan)

The Prophet (SAW) was reported to have said : “Whoever believes in Allah and the last day should utter good speech or be silent” May His choicest blessings be upon the prophet, His Household, His companions and all followers of true and guidance till the day of judgement.

This article is written to guide and educate the entire Muslim Ummah and whosoever is interested in reading it, on the importance of controlling one’s tongue as well as how human tongue, if used in a good sense can lead to human goodness and prosperity, and if used otherwise can be the biggest means by which satan (Iblis) can misguide a person to eternal perdition.

May Almighty Allah in his finite Mercy give us the ability to guard, control and tame our tongues so as to be among those whose rank becomes higher with Him (Azza- Wajallah)

To be continued In sha Allah


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